Katy Summer Riding Camps Are A Perennial Favorite…

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By , February 1, 2012

Since the original Founding Fathers first set out to discover the rest of the country, the connection between the earliest pioneers, the State of Texas and the importance of horses has been a fundamental of American life. It’s therefore perhaps not so surprising that horse riding Texas holidays and summer riding camps are still so resoundingly popular.

At least, it’s no surprise to the owner of one of the most prominent and longest established Equestrian centers in the Katy area of Texas, Dr. Layne Spitzenberger. Dr. Spitzenberger is the 6th removed granddaughter of the famous pioneer Jessie Chisholm, who founded the famous Chisholm Trail moving Texas longhorn cattle to the Kansas market on horseback.

She’s been the boss of one of the best known horse riding schools in the area at the Circle Lake Ranch stables where they’ve been offering horse riding lessons to youngsters via summer camps for almost too many years to remember. And according to Dr. Spitzenberger, the popularity of the summer camps with eager youngsters from all over this part of Texas never seems to wane.

“In this day and age, when it seems as if young children have more distractions at their fingertips than ever before, it’s gratifying and very encouraging that the popularity of our summer horse camps never seems to pale.”

Dr Spitzenberger continues “It indicates to me that even though they have computers and consoles at home that allow them to play simulated games, young children still have an instinctive understanding that there is nothing like the real thing!”

One advantage that the Circle Lake Ranch has over many competing Equestrian centers is the range of facilities that they are able to offer, the availability of which owes a lot to how long they’ve been running horse riding summer camps in Katy.

Dr. Spitzenberger again: “When we first started back in the 1990’s, we didn’t have the facilities we have now of course, but over the years, we’ve focused on upgrading what we can offer one step at a time. And of course, staying ahead of the curve – not to mention the competition – is a never ending job.”

“For example, we’ve had a fantastic indoor classroom equipped with a full size horse for some time now, but this has been significantly upgraded this year with the addition of an overhead projector which greatly enhances the indoor riding experience.  We also have a horse riding simulator – students can sit on the mechanical device and it simulates the movement of the horse at the walk, trot and canter.”

The Katy summer camps offered by Circle Lake Ranch are open to youngsters between the ages of 6 and 14 and there is something for everyone, no matter what their experience level.

Every camp runs for 5 days from 8am to 12 noon with the primary focus always being on teaching every student to ride properly.

There is some involvement in other fun activities like feeding the horses, tacking, grooming and generally learning more about these beautiful creatures (of which there are more than 20), but the primary focus is always on learning to ride.

Leaving the last few words to Dr. Spitzenberger, “Five days is often all that is needed to create lifelong horse enthusiasts and as horse people ourselves, what could be more satisfying and rewarding than that?”

The fact that the next pioneer generation might be taking horse riding lessons at the Circle Lake Ranch stables right now is another thing entirely!  For more information visit http://www.circlelakeranch.com/katy-summer-camps.htm or call (281) 395-4311