2017 Katy summer camps – safety, education and fun for your kids

By , March 13, 2012

If you’re a parent in the Katy area of West Houston and you’re considering sending your kids to a Katy summer camp in 2017, then you need to know about the Equestrian Centre at the Circle Lake Ranch and what they have to offer.

We’ll let the owner of Circle Lake Ranch, Dr. Layne Sptizenberger, take up the story. “We’ve been running Katy summer camps continuously since 1998, so it’s fair to say that we’ve acquired a lot of experience over the years. I’m extremely proud to say that in all that time, we’ve maintained an outstanding safety record and we have never failed to provide our young guests with a fulfilling yet educational experience”.

Dr. Spitzenberger continues by explaining that this is no coincidence. “For starters, all of our horses are carefully selected for their calm, balanced temperaments. We also have staff with vast experience of running Katy summer camps, with a program that has been developed and expanded over the years”.

“Of course, we understand that we cannot afford to stand still because the competition in the Katy summer camp market has never been tougher. Nevertheless, I’m confident that we offer something that most of the competing Katy summer camps don’t.”

Dr. Spitzenberger continues by explaining “As it says on our website, we offer all of our young guests a summer camp experience that they’ll never forget in a safe and structured environment. Of course, we want them to enjoy their summer camp but it is crucially important that they are in a safe environment at the same time”.

“So far, I’m delighted that every one of our Katy summer camps has gone off without a hitch. Even so, we are acutely aware that this does not allow us to rest on our laurels. Instead, we continue to do everything possible to ensure that one of our Katy summer camps are 100% safe for every one of our young guests”.

With so many years of running summer camps in Katy, it’s fair to suggest that Dr. Spitzenberger and her team are amongst the most experienced in the business.

For any youngster who wants to participate in a summer camp in Katy in 2017, it’s fair to say that you will not find a safer or more enjoyable summer camp than those offered by Dr. Spitzenberger and her team at the Circle Lake Ranch. For more information call (281) 395-4311 or visit http://www.circlelakeranch.com/katy-summer-camps.htm

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