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Circle Lake Ranch is a horseback riding academy offering Western and English horseback riding lessons. We specialize in teaching beginners with a focus on creating true equestrians. Since 1998 we have safely taught over 8,000 students to ride, and this year marks our 20th anniversary.

If you are a newcomer to equestrian sports, Circle Lake Ranch is a great place to start. Student safety is our ultimate priority. We emphasize providing a solid basis of equestrian knowledge and ability with kindness and respect for the horse. Our customers have excelled at both the regional and national level and come from all around the world—including Britain, Egypt, Canada, Malaysia, South Africa, Japan, and Norway.

Thank you for your interest in our programs and we look forward to meeting you!

The cost for our lessons is a flat rate of $220 per month, no matter if it is a four- week or five-week month. This payment is due in full the first day of each month via autopay.

To schedule horseback riding lessons, please complete our REGISTRATION FORM. With this information we can find the class and horse that best suits the age and ability of the student and will reply via email or text message with what options are available for your student.

We teach riders age 7 through adult. Our horses are capable of carrying a rider up to 180 pounds in weight based on the height and size of the horse.

Our lessons are taught in a group format, once a week, at the same time and on the same horse. For example, a student would ride at 6:00 Monday nights on “Chrome.” We have assistants available in case a student requires one-on- one instruction during the class to master a particular skill. Ten minutes of the hour-long class time is dedicated to tack (equipment) changes, and ride time is 50 minutes.

We refer students requiring hippotherapy to SIRE’s wonderful program (281.356.7588). We also highly recommend Reining Strength Therapeutic Horsemanship (832.451.6874).

If the student is a minor child under the age of 18 years, both mother and father must sign our liability waiver form to grant permission to ride. If thestudent is an adult aged 18 or over, they must sign a liability waiver form in order to ride. Be certain to include your health insurance information on this form and your complete mailing and email address. You may print the form at the link below:



  • Small children & siblings – must sit quietly near their parents or guardian if they are present. Crouching on the ground, running, squealing or throwing things can frighten horses and we want everyone to be safe.
  • No smoking on premises; hay burns quickly; barn fires are devastating.
  • Touching, Petting, Feeding Horses: we know this is fun, but it is dangerous because horses have powerful teeth. Please do only under your instructor’s supervision and do not pet privately owned horses in the barns without permission please!
  • If you are behind a horse please remain 10 feet back in case the horse decided to kick out his back legs. Please stay at least 4 feet from the side of the horse unless you are a student.
  • Dogs are not allowed at the barn, or to be walked on the road where lessons take place We love dogs but horses may mistake them for a predator and become frightened.
  • Things that can frighten a horse include but are not limited to: camera flashes, umbrellas, bicycles, ball throwing, loud noises, walkers, wheelchairs.
  • Try to keep all extra noises and activities to a minimum during the lesson.
  • Please follow directions or requests given by staff or instructors.

We require ALL riders to wear certified ASTM/SEI helmets, and riders are required to bring their own helmets. Bicycle helmets are not allowed because they are produced to protect in different circumstances. Riders must wear jeans or jodhpurs, and Western or English riding boots are required. If you need to purchase equipment, we have a small in-house store and we are also able to special order items from the Ovation catalog for you.

  • No one is allowed to ride a horse without a fully completed liability waiver form.
  • Class duration is 50 minutes long; class ― officially starts 10 minutes after the hour.
  • Students grounded for disciplinary reasons must pay for the month even though they do not attend class.
  • We require students enrolled in the fall to ride through the month of December. The horses need to be cared for through the holidays.
  • Lesson cancellations must occur via email to layne@circlelakeranch.com, we require a 30 day notice from the beginning of the month. So for instance if you are in class in April, quit by April 1 st to be out of classes by May 1 st . We do not pro-rate the quit; so it needs to be done at the first of the month for the following month.
  • Makeup lessons may not be taken unless you are in an actively paid for month. For instance if you were to quit as of May 1 st , you may not continue to take and ride makeups into the month of May, otherwise the classes are forfeited.
  • Makeup lessons booked and missed are forfeited.
  • Because we do not charge for it, no makeups are given for a class missed in a 5 week month.
  • Makeup lessons must be taken within 30 days.
  • Lessons require a 24-hour in advance notification to qualify for makeups.

In case of thunderstorms in the area, we run Channel 13 Doppler Radar to determine if we should ride. If we decide to cancel lessons, we call or text our customers. We do not decide on cancellation in the early afternoon, as weather conditions in Houston change rapidly. For weekend lesson weather information and cancellations, text Ms. Lacey directly at 832.971.8980.

Disclaimer: Due to the nature of horses and unforeseen weather and human events, we cannot guarantee the lesson content of any horseback riding class.