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Horse Riding Lessons Registration

Horseback Lessons Registration Form


Student's details

Please check one of the choices below so we can find an appropriate class for you:

Beginner: No previous experienceTrail ride while on vacationRide a friend's horseAttended a summer horse campFrom a professional riding programOwned my own horse

Our horses have a limited physical capacity to bear weight. Please let us know if the student is over 180lbs.


Please choose one of the following riding styles you are interested in:


Let us know all the days your lesson could be on so we can find a day, horse and class the best suits you


Are there any special physical, health, disabilities or other things we need to be aware of?


Please note we refer students with disabilities to S.I.R.E.'s wonderful programs. Their telephone number is

Contact information

For safety, we must follow these guidelines

  • Small children & siblings - must sit quietly near their parents or guardian. Crouching on the ground, running, squealing
    or throwing things can frighten horses and we want everyone to be safe.
  • No smoking on premises; hay burns quickly; barn fires are devastating.
  • Touching, petting and feeding horses: we know this is fun but it is dangerous because horses have powerful teeth. Please
    do only under your instructor's supervision and do not pet privately owned horses in the barns without permission
  • If you are behind a horse, please remain 10 feet back in case the horse decides to kick out his back legs. Please stay at
    least 4 feet from the side of the horse unless you are a student.
  • Dogs are not allowed in the barn or to be walked on the road where lessons take place. We love dogs but horeses may mistake
    them for predators and become frightened.
  • Things that can frighten a horse include but are not limited to: camera flashes, umbrellas, bicycles, ball throwing, loud
    noises, walkers and wheelchairs.
  • Please follow directions or requests given by the staff members.

Our policies

  • No one is allowed to ride a horse without providing Circle Lake Ranch Inc. with a fully completed liability waiver form.
  • Class duration is 50 minutes long, class "officially" starts 10 minutes after the hour.
  • Students grounded for disciplinary reasons must pay for the month even thought they do not attend class.
  • We require students enrolled in the fall to ride through the month of December. The horses need to be cared for through the
  • Lesson cancellations must occur via email to layne@circlelakeranch.com, we require a 30-day notice from the beginning of
    the month. So for instance - if you are in class in April, quit by April 1st to be out of classes by May 1st.
    We do not pro-rate the cancellation, so it needs to be done at the first of the month for the following month.
  • Makeup lessons may not be taken unless you are in actively paid month. For instance - if you were to quit on May 1st, you
    may not continue to take and ride makeup classes into the month of May, in this case the makeup classes are
  • Because we do not charge for it, no makeup classes are given for a class missed in a 5-week month.
  • Makeup lessons must be taken within 30 days.
  • To qualify for a makeup, we need to be notified 24 hours in advance that student will no be attending class.
  • Makeup lessons booked and miss are forfeited.