Summer Camps In Katy When Is A Choice NOT A Choice?

By , April 17, 2012

The staff at Circle Lake Ranch has been running summer camps in Katy for more than a decade now, and every year, the range of activities on offer expands.

But one thing never changes.

The summer camps in Katy that Dr. Layne Spitzenberger and her team manage always provide attendees with a life changing experience that they will never forget.

Dr. Spitzenberger explains; “As a working ranch, it should go without saying that we have horses. This enables us to offer a uniquely enriching summer camp in Katy experience to all our young guests.”

She continues; “All my life, I’ve loved and admired animals, not least because I genuinely believe that being around them makes us more caring, rounded individuals. Plus, every child that’s ever been here – and we’ve been running summer camps in Katy since 1998, so that’s quite a few – has had an absolute blast learning about horses and how to work with and ride them”.

“One focus of our summer camps in Katy is to introduce all the children to the idea that these big, powerful creatures can be incredibly gentle and caring as long as they are handled properly. We teach our guests exactly how to look after the horses in the right way and of course, we also train them how to ride a horse correctly too”.

Dr. Spitzenberger has long held the view that teaching children at a young age to care for animals properly is teaching them a life skill that they will call upon time and again in later years.

She explains that “Every attendee at our summer camps in Katy takes away a much clearer understanding of how important it is to treat every creature with respect, care and dignity. This is undoubtedly a skill that they can – and will – apply in their everyday dealings with other people throughout their life too”.

“Over the years, we’ve seen children from every walk of life and – being honest – not every guest that’s stayed with us has been a little angel when they first arrived! It’s to be expected – after all, they are children, right?”

“Nevertheless, even the most rebellious of kids tends to change when they are here and around the horses. Our Katy summer camps teach them that animals have a character and a personality, that horses have their own feelings, likes and dislikes in exactly the same way that we humans do”.

“For many children, this is a revelation, a concept that has never occurred to them before, and every one of them benefits from such an awakening. And of course, they have a ton of fun at the same time!”

Dr. Spitzenberger and her team are rightly proud of their achievements and they’re looking forward to inviting guests to their summer camp in Katy once again this year. If your child would benefit from an enriching, educational and fun experience this summer, check out the Circle Lake Ranch site now!

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